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About me, myself and I

Once upon a time, long ago, I found myself photographing the Dutch band De Dijk. Sitting on stage I took a few shots in black and white. Some time later I tried again during the concert of Throwing Muses at the Effenaar. Not on stage this time, but in front of the stage. Back in those days there weren't many people that took their camera with them and mobile phones were something that only exsisted in Star Trek. People liked the photos I took. This was 1991.

In the years that followed I made a hobby out of concert photography. In 1994 I started to work as photographer at the Effenaar. Although that wasn't a big succes I continued photographing concert performances untill the end of the nineties. And then I stopped...

... and started again in 2006, almost by accident, with my brand new digital SLR.

Digital photographing has a real advantage over analog at concerts. As from 2007 I started to visit concerts on a regular basis. This lead to a nice but small portfolio and the internet made showing them much easier than in the old days. It had the opportunity to join the webzine in 2008. From that time on concert photography became a wonderful hobby again.

Now I am here. More than a hundred concert performances later, and many thousands of photos. The list of artists I have photographed live is large and growing still. Reason enough to try to bring some order and give people and artists the opportunity to find the photos they want to see easily. This resulted in the website you are looking at now.

Nowadays I am taking photos for not only myself but also for, Musiccredo Music Magazine (previously Muzikantenweb),, Roar E-zine and File Under.
I made some promo shoots for a few artists and a couple of photos have appeared on CD booklets and concert flyers. On the publications page of my website you will find a(n almost) complete list.

Well, I hope you will enjoy the photos at this website. Perhaps someday I will have an opportunity to publish more photos or participate in an exposition or so. Feel free to contact me if there are questions about myself, the photos I take or in case you want to use one or more pictures. For those people who are curious about the way I work, find out where I will be photographing and keep an eye on me. Or better still, take a look at an article I wrote (in Dutch). You will find it by following the next link: Finally, for all die hards I have listed the equipment I use, although I do not think it is of great importance at all.

Take care and perhaps we'll meet in front of the stage somewhere, somehow, sometime...

Best regards
Nando Harmsen

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